Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Devil's Bonfire: Chapter 4

Kiss of death

In the years to come he would look back at this moment and wonder whether that fall saved his life.

As he hit the ground Simon heard a swoosh sound above his head, in the next split second a spear hit the tarmac in front of him and skidded across the road.

Simon stared right ahead at his hilux, he estimated thirty lay feet between him and the car, ‘I’ll never make it’ he thought resignedly.

“Son of a bitch” the leader growled.

Simon had been sure they were right onto him but the voice had come from far off, he stole a glance behind him and realized much to his relief that the savages hadn’t even moved at all, they had relied on the spear thrower who fortunately for him had missed.

The bunch had turned really angry and were brandishing their weapons in the air.

“Get him.” The leader’s order needed no repeating.

The rest of the bunch surged forward and in a second were racing towards Simon.

When he got to his feet the savages behind him let off loud yells and he could hear them approaching heavily across the tarmac.

He sped off again towards the truck and this time he was more confident of escaping his would be murderers given his head start.

He reached the truck and yanked open the door, when he glanced over his shoulder the savages were barely twenty feet away and closing in fast.

Simon jumped into the truck, slammed the door shut and wound up the window. When he turned the key in the ignition, the engine sputtered, coughed and died.

“You gotta be kiddin’ me” he shouted out loud.

He turned the key again and was wild with despair when the engine once again coughed a few times and fell silent.

He ran his hands through his hair desperately and looked in the rearview mirror, the first of the savages had reached the tail of the pick up and had a machete raised in readiness to strike.

Simon said a silent prayer and reached for the ignition once more.

A machete smashed through the car window spraying him with glass fragments, when he looked through the shattered window, the savage was raising his machete for a second blow.

Behind him the pigs were squelaing wildly, their squeals were defeaning, they were obviously frightened by the sudden violent goings on around them.

Simon turned the key and the engine came to life with a roar, he engaged the first gear and pressed on the gas pedal, the truck sprang forward and as Simon raced off he heard the clang of metal to metal as the machete bounced of the truck body.

He raced off at break neck speed towards Kyalika, a glance in the rear view mirror showed him five very angry savages gesticulating wildly in the middle of the road weapons in hand. He brushed glass fragments from his hair and shirt, re-engaged gears and stepped on the gas.


The huge Warid billboard loomed ahead and a sense of relief rushed over him, he had finally reached the village.

Simon was both angry and frightened. Angry at himself for having lost concentration while driving and he was now frightened of being alone in this remote zone, he couldn’t wait to meet with his grand father.

His run in with the savages had left him exhausted and famished, he longed for a cold shower and some food. He parked beneath the billboard, whipped out his mobile phone, and rapidly typed a text message to his grand father. He moved round to the back of the truck to check on his cargo. Both pigs looked alive and well, he leaned against the tail of the truck, and felt around the pockets of his jean trousers for a packet of Dunhill, Simon lit a cigarette and pulled on it long and hard, he exhaled deeply and as the smoke poured out from his mouth and nose he realized his hands were trembling, Simon quickly took two more drags on the cigarette and stamped it out beneath the heel of his Timbaland boots.
Carsozy most sincerely apologises for the delay in posting this installment.
Chapter 5 Release date: 28th Jan 2009


  1. Socks. You had promised 24th and to think I stayed up waiting that day. Let me catch some sleep will read this later

  2. since my isp decided that these socks will not be mine by turning off the internet as soon as i was ready to comment on here...

    i should await more of the story before i begin running my mouth.

  3. Granddad reads text msgs? Dunhill, Timbaland...wat phone does Simon hold? How long is Simon's hair?

    At least he delivered the pigs...kati he has to avoid day dream wen he's headin back to see Brenda.

  4. @ Apr9: stuck on Brenda, aren't you? :)

    The girl in the forest.
    What next for her?
    *next, please!

  5. Emi's stop beeping 4 socks and wake up soon rip van.

    31337: please say something.

    Apr9: the phone by the way is a kabiriti his N70 Nokia was pinched in Silk. no cornrows or dreads as far as i can tell and Oh! speaking of Brenda did i mention that the Alleygators date was the third he's stood her up in a row: Sneak peak:- She's about to call him and break off the relationship so...........28th girl 28th

    Princess: the girl mmmmmm! it gets interesting. The all new Devil's Bonfire continues tomorrow.

  6. Carson Am now fully awake...Am rather happy that the pigs made it...I was thinking that would be the sacrifice for the savages..

    I think Brenda can wait she's far and safe away from all the action.

    So you like Dunhill?

  7. Hihihihi, the pigs are doing fine.

    Dunhill, timbaland boots and kabiriti
    on a weekend, Carsozy are yu trying to personalise me here?

    Simon's jajja reads SMS's, he is so cool. Does he smoke Dunhill as well?
    Emi, i like dunhill too. Tried the menthol(green pack) recently and its so cool.

    Can't wait for part IV, oba season 1 episode 4.

  8. Apr9......

    @ Princess.....Brenda was the root cause of all the drama so i've to know if it was worth day dreaming abt her.

    @Carsozy....the phone just spoilt the whole pic i had painted in my nut. Brenda tasanga...lets dump Simnon.


  9. Apr9: Smoking kills? why didn't anyone tell me, i always thoughtthe warning on the pack was a fools day prank.

    Jny23: yeah! I profiled you a long time ago.

  10. woah! nice! very visual i was on the edge of my seat when the engine coughed and died! twice!could this be the frist entry for the blogers anthology?

  11. But gundi its 28th..........

  12. It seems u r goin to ve to apologise again

  13. I'm also impressed that grandad could read text messages