Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Jny23ug and then Apr9 offered me an Honest Scrap award and I am indeed overjoyed and chamukated.

This is the first award I have received ever since I started blogging and I would like to tell you guys that I appreciate this gesture very much.

The only problem that comes with the Honest Scrap award is well the honesty, 10 things? damn. I am so screwed.

But once I start I guess the rest wil fall in place.

These aren’t weaknesses, no, I just happen to have both X and Y chromosomes, hell it ain’t my fault.

  1. I love food more than humans, my mouth waters every time the scent of Pilawo and chicken fills my nostrils.
  2. Next to food comes the most important invention of mankind BEER.
  3. Now for number three, I am so lazy it’s annoying, I wouldn’t clean my living room to save my life.
  4. Now this one is indeed a weakness, it’s a certain creature that’s descendant from a being who once cavorted with Lucifer in the form a serpent in a certain garden a long long time ago, this creature has been responsible for meting out to me both pleasure and pain in equal measure, it is most commonly known as woman but I prefer to call it enigma.
  5. My conceit stems from my father he was always suspicious of any one lowly or inferior, so don’t blame me.
  6. I am a one woman man (for Lulu’s benefit) I am very capable of fidelity.
  7. I would love to travel the world except for the one teenie weenie problem, my thin bank account.
  8. I would love to give to charity, if only to assuage my guilt of shoving beggars aside every time they accost me on the street (nodesix think of bloggers AID fund)
  9. I don’t have a bible can some one donate, donors I can think of: - Ug girl, Lulu, Nevender, B2B, Apr9…….
  10. Of all the female bloggers I have met or the photos I have seen, Chanel’s lips are the most kissable.

Now for the blogs that make me laugh and sigh

Erique: get back soon you bastard, miss the mess.

Emi: keep writing your shit.

Cheri: you need to get your butt back to the keyboard pronto.

Chanel: you so killed me with naked football, keep those lips shiny.

Tumwi: you are killer.

Antipop: you are dope.

UG girl: you are a sobering, calming influence in this mad world

Carlo: keep complaining love your bitching.

And now the instructions.

1.You must brag about the award.

2.You must include the name of the blogger who bestowed the award on you and link back to the blogger

3.You must choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.

4.Show their names and links and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog.

5.List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself.Then pass it on with the instructions!


  1. darling i have a bible for you! hahaha but yo, i hear i am too lazy its annoying, how about i offer you 2 million dollars to clean up house? tell me you will be lazy...in that way you will be able to do number 7?

  2. meanwhile i am first! all becoz of you i shall be back on my birthday meanwhile!

    one man one woman man...ahem? how can you propose like that? where is the ring? do you want me to leave you before it is conclusive? hmm? (sobbing , busting out of the room)

  3. Apr9.....

    Am with Sleek get a room........

    I've a Bible for u too wen i get to meet u but do remind me.

    You man stop looking at females lips and concentrate on wat they are saying.

    Well done on your truths.

  4. Webale nyo sebo. Am overjoyed and honored to be on the list but coming up with 10 of my own is going to be such a hassle.

    I always thought you are a Ladies man, Dawg, what's this talk about One man - One woman?

    You should pick up Miss fyn from the airport next time she jets in and maybe just maybe you'll get to taste em lips..

  5. Hmmn
    Dawg, about that Bible...
    for sho!
    We can hook you up!
    Also, the drama about looking at certain kyana's lips...
    I like the fact that they seem to just flow out of you!
    the truths that is...

  6. Eh, i also dont own a Bible. Not funny at all.

  7. thanks for the nod. I swear this whole honest thing is going to be my downfall. I am seriously considering not doing it. My truths are not that pleasant you see...

  8. Lulu: It takes a proposal to pull you out of semi retirement Mmmm! as for that birthday, I intend to spoil you.

    Sleek: we working on that!

    Apr: female lips are currently the most amazing part of the human anatomy, do you have a picture you can post? my email is vincekaz@yahoo.co.uk

    B2B: Thanks man you the best as for the truth I only picked out the not so bad stuff wait till you know the real me.

    Jny: Since I have three offers I'll give you one.

  9. You and lulu should get a room and sort that out...

    Uhh...so that chick has good lips..I love Lips...something about them...cant explain now..laters

  10. I stopped on naked football. What is it exactly?

  11. AP: We's waiting for that honest shit, better get down to it.

    Normzo: Am talking to lulu right now. and yes something about lips they are the window to a woman's soul not the eyes, eyes deceive

    Muda: Surely you checked out Chanels post the state of Uganda's football, check it out.

  12. Naye Carsozy stop soliciting for female anatomies. That is internet porn!!!

    Meanwhile, I have beef for your blog. Tried to comment yesterday but all my comments got swallowed.

    Was saying...nice No 6.

    Did u get a Bible?

  13. LOL at the email address...........mbu a pic of me that will be the day unless ofcourse there's an award for revealing our true identities..........will wear a mask for now.

  14. since Lulu is giving you a bible i guess you are sorted....

    when Arp9 send the pic..show us ko...i mean you know those things of giving, recieving and sharing...

    i am so feeling the award..thank you ...thank you ....(a few tears too)

  15. Cheri: Am switching to wordpress pretty soon this blogger comments thing sucks, and no am still benching Lulu for that bible and for No.6

    Apr:OH! Shit, that's it youre a genius yes the mask you can wear a mask but just lift it a little to reveal the lips. that work for you?

    Ug Girl: you're welcome, but that pic of Apr don't hold your breath, the chick is in love with masked balls.

  16. @ Ug girl......i'll send to u instead.

    Carsozy.....that doesn't work for me.

  17. Apr: So not fair, but fine, it's masks then, (for now)

  18. I have software that can sort out that pc issue..holla

  19. carsozy, u know 'woman' would have done juts fine; we would all have understood wat u were refering too....lol

  20. Sleek: thanks dude! an IT guy at work cracked it for me.

    Silver: 'woman' does not begin to describe a creature to whom man is drawn like a moth to a flame, like Ari Onassis said 'without women all the money in the world would be useless'