Thursday, February 26, 2009

The good, the bad and the future

The sensationalization of calamities and mishaps by the press has just got me cracking up like a toddler at its first circus.

Take a look at the Pepper's headline today 'owino in ashes on ash wednesday' and to add to that the Monitor just couldn't resist using the pun 'Harsh wednesday' newspapers and the television can't help but feed off other peoples problems, earthquakes, fires, murders and even genocide offer the papers an opportunity to sell more copies than they would ordinarily sell on a cold wet morning when it's business as usual with nothing going on but the occassional traffic jam.

But before you lean back your pompous ass and frown on the fourth estate just remember that it's not the editors that devour these stories with such frenzied excitement it's you. you are the reason the media makes such a meal of these disasters and prints macabre and grotesque images. they do this to feed your thirst for drama.

I won't pretend that I empathise with these owino lowlifes and I won't write anything in sympathy or pity, heartlessly I went about my business yesterday as if the fire had merely burnt through my garbage can and ruined the remains of yesternights supper. I did shop from that filthy place once but that was a long time ago, call me callous call me the devil but thats just the way I feel.

Also I will go a step further and say that maybe the idiots deserved to have all their means of earning a living go up in flames, before you log off in protest lemme say say that all the police investigations might turn up nothing this was clearly a bolt of fire from heaven that was sent by Michael the archangel to stamp out that crop of vermin that has nothing better to do with their time than pickpocket, gamble, and sell flesh. Lets rejoice, our mini Sodom is no more, now we can put up a mall that will house mobile phone shops and identical clothes from china.


  1. i know! i thought those newspaper headlines were classic! i love when a headline makes me stop and look!

  2. Perhaps you shouldn be so rush to lump the whole load as rotten eggs. In every basket, there is always those people who are doing good...honest people who work.
    And even if these people are "evil" what about their children who are inadvertently going to face the misery of no source of income.
    Besides whores, pickpockets, thieves are found in every corner and class of life...
    i dont remember the people in the NSSF saga or the global fund being from Owino..far from that they are the so cold "creme de la creme"...

  3. Those China idiots. I cant buy any more designer garb. And I will be damned if an arcade is erected in that place. I bet if you go there now you will see some new shacks coming up with Besigye's donations of sticks

  4. That you have even posted this is absolutely beyond me... how dare you?!?!

  5. Talkin of identical clothing in those arcades i've always wondered how its possible to compete nearly the prices are the same so is the packaging........

    Didn't know abt Owino

  6. hmmmm..Carsozy mukwano..nga you have HATE for the place...did anyone from Owino hurt you...?

  7. Ashy, are you crying? Awwww. Come here, my love.

    Sup dude. Good of you to show up yest.

  8. Kyoka Carsozy (said with an accent)

  9. lol....Carsozy, much as they stole your wallet with 1m in cash and you got some serious case of STD and lost when you placed a bet on England vs Germany game, there were still a few good hearts in that place and it's death even made it to the cabinet meetings.

    I've never been to Owino but I heard it's a thriving place and I was even thinking of putting some shoe business within -Shame it went up in ashes

  10. Esquire: the sins of the father shall be visited upon the sons Ex 20:5. I know we all bear personal responsibility for our deeds, Ezikiel says so but there is no denying that our actions have far reaching consequences. And i still haven't forgiven those NSSF,Global fund slimeballs for being stupid enough to get caught.

    Mudamuli: Munange Muuda byebyo, do you like the shortform?

    Erique: Are u kiddin? did u expect me to miss quality time with the lovely Miss Chanel.

    UgGirl: I just don't like how our town has shanty places right smack in the middle of the city, like Chanel pointed out to me last night this will be a chance to redesign.

    Apr9: The economics of those arcades has always eluded me.

    Ashy: did I ruffle a few feathers?

    Antipop: Everyone was looking for you last night.

    Chanel: Better not go with your PDA if and when the kamarket is rebuilt.

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  12. Carsozy, u was for BHH? Damn i missed meeting Simon's creator. Solo King mis-guided me. He announced on the nodesix web that BHH was on 27th feb, 09 which is today.

    So why the beef with owino guys? must have sold yu same foot shoes(both left)

  13. The newspaper people would have been fools not to capitalize on the puns. The opportunities for word play must have been 'burning' at their fingertips.

    *But dude, you are not clear. One minute you're sitting on your high horse and calling people pompous asses, and then you turn right around and pour disdain/loathing on the poor former employees of Owino.
    Irony much?

  14. Emi's: you analyse too much, not good for your health.

    Jny: aint got beef with owino guys, it's just that i haven't found anything i was looking for there in a long time. to me that's an unpardonable sin.

    Princess: you damn right, guess i forgot to mention that am one of those pompous arrogant bastards, finger pointing comes easily to me, been doing it since i was 2.

  15. dude,
    i just came by to show some props...
    and how come the beef with them Owino chaps..

    is it coz of a few billions making their way around???

  16. Òh my i can't believe i can comment yippie