Tuesday, March 3, 2009

BEAUTIFUL WOMEN...........sexiest six

Emi started it and Nev followed suit so I will be damned if I just sit by idly while these two honorable gents ogle, wink and whistle at their dream girls while everyone watches.

I too have come up with my own list of irresistible, totally desirable beautiful women that can have any man including yours truly drooling with unrestrained excitement.

Unlike Nev of the Bloom fame my list is in order starting with the one I would kill to sleep with, till the one I would… well also kill to sleep with.

Presenting my most desirable women list.

The cheeks give her that cute girl next door looks but her eyes betray an experienced and skilled lover who can satisfy your every desire.

NO. 1 – Gabrielle Union

I will forever be a sucker for this kind of beautiful, melancholic face.

NO. 2 – Kerry Washington

Her beautiful eyes lure you closer and her sweet lips curl into an irresistible smile that puts you under her spell forever.

NO. 3 - Megan Good

No one has caused such mass desire since Janet Jackson went ‘Nasty’- NUFF SAID.

NO. 4 – Alicia Keys

This one is the kind that would make any man green with envy when you step into the room with her on your arm, she oozes sex from every pore on her body, Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the accused is capable of killing your desire for any other woman. Prosecution rests.

NO. 5- Tyra Banks

This damsel’s one mighty fine piece methinks, what say you mate.
Elizabeth Swan is probably the only reason I would be brave enough to step aboard the Flying Dutchman.

NO. 6 – Keira Knightley

Party's over folks! Go home.


  1. I can't agree less.
    No use making ma list. Yu took all my women.

  2. back to claim the sexy sexy SOX.

  3. 0ok dawg
    me and Meagan Good...

    nuff sed..

  4. Jny23: I took all your women? sorry man, but just know the beautifuler ones are not yet born.

    B2B: you and Meagan uh? me i think Kerry.

  5. Lumpen! I was getting lost in translation with me and my fantasies playing hide and seek over the hand-picked selection of earth's finest chocolate beauties until you had to rudely awaken me to the thought of Keira Knightley!

  6. Have u met on all the ladies on blogsville?

    To imagine, a woman had to ve given birth to such beauty.

  7. Ah, where is my photo? You and me, done. Its OVER. No more strewberries. All the cream I wasted to score on this list. Wamma gundi come lets see your list as I feed u these

  8. do the girls on blogville also have to produce a list...?

  9. jny23,There is abundance of women allover and its not like they have stopped giving birth to new ones So make that List.

    Carsozy, I agree with you to a certain degree. As for the first chic Gabriella, it's a tie. I Love that chic and one of the Ugandan girls on my folder looks kinda like her.

  10. Tyra Banks looks like a UFO. You can't have sex with Gabrielle Union. You'll feel funny. Kerry Washington has political looks. It's like only bored senators, governors and, of course, Ugandan presidents can enjoy her. Alicia is a good lay but as your chic, nah ah. We'd go for a party only if she accepted to put cellotape on her face. Keira Knightley looks like a motel hooker.

    Megan Good deserves her own paragraph. She's the only chic here who looks exactly as she is without make-up. She's-as the blacks will say-the thang.


  11. i swear Erique dude, you need some major therapy! but before you go, just want to say that you are funny!

  12. We shall have to share Kerry washington..Damn and i do agree u have a fine collection.

  13. Ug girl: Hell no! the girls on Blogville don't need to produce a list all they have to do is post the best shots of themselves, but only if you think you're hot, that is.

    Emi's: Ugandan that looks like Union? let me see like now.

    Chanel: sugarpie,You know you're one of a kind, if i put you up on Blogger, wolves would steal you. you're my best kept secret, more precious than my stereo.

    Erique: I admit tyra in that photo looks like something out of species but isn't that the point-hot, sexy and deadly and if you cant make love to Union who is a natural afrodisiac herself then i need to ask can you get it up at all?

  14. eeeeeh carsozy...what about me? now its chanel/ its over! and all those women ou be sdesiring secretly? i hope you have another name for me that aint even in the english dictionary...what happened to going read...meanwhile if i were a guy the only babe i would fancy would be kerri Hilson, shes just hot, she looks so delicate so protection invocking! what say you...pass the smoke.

  15. Erique omanyiila! I'd seriously consider (note: just consider) going gay for this list of women right here so I don't know what your beef is.
    I'm so going to put up a scandalous picture of me on my blog Carsozy just so you can notice me and make me overtake Gabrielle Union. Wait for it . . .

  16. Their eyes are all similar. I take it you kind of have eyes like that?

  17. Lulu: I gave you a chance to choose between me and tea, guess i couldn't compete with a beverage.

    Normzo: I don't mind sharing long as i give her to you when she's 50.

    Carlo: (gleefuly rubs his hands anticipatingly)

    Mudamuli: If i had eyes like that I'd be on TV.

  18. carsozy, we can still do tea, u and me?????

  19. Erique ..new list...Carsozy and Lulu...

  20. Ah, Carsozy,

    Nothing like an African woman who knows her place, eh? And of course, her place is nowhere on a top six list of beauty, right?

    Yeah. God bless African women. There's nothing like NOT making the "irresistible, totally desirable beautiful women that can have any man including yours truly drooling with unrestrained excitement" list.

    Especially one made by an East African man.

    And yet, of course, you have an opinion about everything an East African woman does, right? Pathetic. Ridiculous.

  21. Kenyan chick: watch this space.

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