Monday, March 30, 2009

Howdy Folks

On the count of abandoning my home town of Blogville for the last couple of weeks I plead guilty as charged.

I have only one word to explain my disappearance and that's WORK.

Question: Why wasn't I born a rich heir who didn't have to work for food? or better still why doesn't somebody put me in charge of a donor funded government programme on development, I'd get fat off the dollars while I let the poor villagers for whom the money is intended to drop further down the food chain.

As I write I am nursing a humongous hangover the effects of last nights happening are still being felt and apart from the ringing in my ears I have failed to get rid of the bitter taste in my mouth.

Every time I am in this state I just can't help but be reminded of Petesmama she always ridiculed guys who brag about their binges the following day, as in when with colleagues a dude could go something like "Man we caught from high table swallows were flowing like water, then after that Chris came and drove us to Steakie and we caught and caught peke 2:00 then we shifted to Rouge and caught more pints peke morning............... and so the conversation would go.
And just in case you would like to know, yes I caught peke morning.

Before I am swept away by another tsunami of work I would like to express a great deal of boiling uncontrollable anger at those hairbrained idiots that call themselves the champions of the poor in Malawi. Okay granted Madonna is a bit controversial but she's no psychopath and has already proven to be a good parent, so why oppose her bid to give just one child a shot at a better life away from poverty, hunger and disease?

Shots out....what does that mean anyway? mbu I hear 'shots out'

Any way shots out to you all or is it shouts out? Whatever, I missed Emi, Erique, Mudamuli,Cheri Oh! before I forget Carlo blew me off outside silk obviously she had better people she was rushing to see like Baz and D. Baz I have beef.

Missed Ug girl, Lucy was too busy these past few days she barely noticed me I could have been part of the furniture, missed Chanel, Besilent, Apr9, 31337, B2B and everyone else.


  1. Just so you know, I don't intend to say I missed you too.

  2. I come after ten people? Bagyenzi. give me back my suga.

  3. Thought u would have started season 2 of Devil's Bonfire...........isn't that y u won't here?

    Good to have u back.

  4. High table swallows...damn, I've been away too long. Caz, thanks for my shouts or shots.

    I prefer the shots though.

  5. I understand the work....Really hate it but still have to go with hope of hitting some jack pot.

    Sorry about the blow off, next time you should make plans b4 with Carlo, She's the type who'll forget you after BHH esp when D is in the air.

    Don't allow that work finish you

  6. so its like that eh?
    i don't get shoutouts? Kale, be that way. Now i can only lean back and wish the hangover never goes away!

  7. There you go again... okay, I'm happy for you that you caught peke morning.

    Kulika yo.

  8. Wats up Caz? Guess the hangover is gone now.
    How did yu end up in Hi Table? That place is for "bafele" like the former Tavern.

    Otherwise go slow on the work.

  9. Erique: Thanx for being gangsta its kinda weird saying i missed you too. but you could say "where u been dawg?"

    Chanel: No offence but i actually even had to edit the post to include your name which i had forgotten and your suga is here to stay.

    Child: Season 2 is still in the making , how is you?

    Cheri: Swallows and ballos and I dont know what we'll be calling our brown bottled booze next but you need to be here pronto.

    Emi: thanks for the girl advice, now me and Carlo have unfinished business.

    Antipop: your curse seems to be working, Day 2 and I cant even eat properly, where do you get juju? Haiti?

    Petemum: Nvudeyo mukwano

    Jny23: Whats up homie, actually I only see high table from the outside but am kinda curious I'LL GO there next weekend if APs curse hasn't killed me first. You need to show me the hotspots then.

    The UGANDAN who cant sleep: How are you?

  10. i know these posts...hola right backatchu!

  11. i have also been lost from people's eyes. no matter. welcome back anyhow. found your appetite yet?

    antipop. shindwe!

  12. For madonna it works two ways from my point of view..,The kid adopted is getting a good life and for her(madonna) kid is the latest accessory..Naye Caz me i will adopt yours to give them a better future if you like...

    since everyone is refusing to admitting that they missed you...I will speak for were dearly missed

  13. by the way apologise a thousand times over for putting you along with the few furniture these days at vision, apparently you people smuggled them off upstairs in the dead of night, do you blame me now, era i saw you all blood shot eyed and etc.... donno but i have rehab forms...come sign on, you need AA help ...faaaasssssst!
    i still love you, i should have been number one on this list...but you were still furniture :)

  14. 9th is good.........waiting patiently.

  15. I was beginning to get worried by your silence in Blogville. I wish I could meet Lulu and you in future.

  16. Drink peke morna? Eeeh i only do that on Fridays