Saturday, December 20, 2008

Don't mean to dampen your spirit.

I just can't get the song out of my head its such a catchy tune as the kind only Akon can churn out, i keep singing it unconsciously even when in the ............the video is well directed and gets u reminiscing about a lost love who used to mean so much but is lost forever. the theme of the video is money cant get u everything, when u have all the money in the world the one thing that will remain elusive is that one true love u cherish the most.

Is it true that obscenely wealthy people have an empty hole in their hearts that can only be filled by a soulmate who is true and committed? that question is directed to Blogsville's tycoon, aint saying no names she knows who she is. If the divorce rate in Hollywood is anything to go by then one can surmise that the rich marry and date for publicity, status and more wealth and end up even more miserable than before.

Just in case i haven't wished u all a merry christmas just remember that i am a certified scroooge the X-mas spirit vanished after S.6 and ever since then the day is just another excuse to binge drink and gate crash parties, i dont give gifts and i dont receive any and i just cant wait for it all to be over so prices for just about everything from a safety pin to a friggin pint can go back to normal. (pauses for breath)

What did you say Lulu? Oh! the new year, now theres a reason to smile, matter of fact am grinning from ear to ear. Out with the old and in with the new, that goes for your pink sweater as well my dear and no am not giving up my faded grey jumper . I have never made a newyears resolution in my life because i don't wanna kid myself and i have no specific goals or objectives, a ship without a sail is how u might describe me, but i've got a pretty good 160h.p. outboard motor

I wanna make up right now na na , i wanna make up right now na na , wish we never broke up right now na na, we need to link up right now na na .......... that's part of the chorus to Akons 'Right here' single.

Happy Holidays amigos.


  1. socks.....hmmm where is everyone..oh ok...i will still clam these sock...

    Cheri mukwano i think they are asking you a question...but if you need my opinon me i wll say..thats just an excuse for the unwealthy to feel better about themselves..Its the consolation prize.

  2. Ug chick- everyones out shopping, me i wait for Jan to do my shopping don't need to get jostled left and right in the mass of bodies that throng every corner of tawoo during the season....there i go again....and is this your way of sayin am sour graping? which would you chose love or riches?

  3. I almost stopped reading at the mention of Akon, somehow my system has jammed that guy after his belly dancer song.
    Am saved from answering since I still have some few years to become a blog tycoon.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  4. LoL @ Emi! okay, i'm not the biggest akon fan but the belly dancer song wasnt that bad!

    not a tycoon either, but i think everyone rich or poor needs love...human beings are social animals after all, i once read somewhere people in couples live longer than single peeps in the long run...

  5. darling carsozy, i shall be staring at pcs and mics with you all through the season, how about doing coffee ever evening and spending all the 'bonuses' we will get... living our lives...not caring for no haters? hmm?

  6. Banange Emi's i think i know how you feel coz the same happened to me for Kanye west after 'Jesus walks'my system rejected him untill last week when i saw the 'heartless'video its off the chain. and hey! Akon rocks.

  7. Eizzy - if couples live longer then it makes sense to marry and divorce as many times as you can so u could pack up the years or doesn't it. Cheri dear i now get you.

  8. Nice blog.
    Have a Holy Christmas.
    A hug from Portugal

  9. Its amazin how prices go up durin the festive season...where i am prices go low.

    U r as happy as u let urself be...

    Happy holidays.

  10. Apr9-ur as happy as long as the sun shines- Pessimistic?

  11. revive the xsmas spirit.Huh but anyways b4 i drift away HAPPY NEW YEAR.Akon-right now uumm song is good.