Thursday, December 18, 2008

Live your life paper chasers.

There is an allure about the forbidden that the human mind finds doubly hard to resist. To the human psyche the prohibited and dangerous will always remain like a nagging question to which we desperately seek an answer. From the minute Eve couldn’t find the power to resist taking a bite the whole of humanity was forever afflicted with the same burning desire to venture into the illicit and unknown.

More rules are broken not so much for the profit as for the thrill of going against the establishment or the adventure of doing wrong

To handle a difficult child you sometimes need to tell the kid to do the opposite of what you actually want the child to do - Child psychology101, it’s called reverse psychology and it works like magic because we are rebels by nature, yes, rebels- if you doubt ask Lot’s wife Oh! Right pillars of salt cant speak.

So my dear
Emi’s when your girl uses a different oil rig other than yours to drill her well just remember she still loves you very much, she just had to find out how it felt to cheat on her loving, doting beau.

I've always wondered what it feels like to be high on Marijuana,
Jny25 whose your supplier?
Oops! sorry, didn't mean to let everyone know


  1. Naye gwe...oil rig, marijuana, burning desire? Dude, my eyes.

  2. When u ask who ma supplier is , does that mean yu are terminating ma contract? Yo "grass" is off the hook.

  3. Jny23- Cute! now i'm the bad guy.
    should have seen that coming.

    Buttercookie- by the way oil well is old lingo its called Temangalo now.

  4. Rules are made to be broken.....

    People cheat wen they ve reason too just like eatin...u eat wen u r hungrry ryt? On 2nd thot i take that back.

    So u r goin to get high? Let me know wat it feels like.

  5. Apr9- still thinkin about it. i think i mignt sniff some coke instead.

  6. serouisly i thought i had commented on this one....naye this is not fair....
    Kale cars you removed my

    Whose the supplier has anyone mention..b'se i think Emi needs some too...they cld hook him up

  7. yah Emi does need some grass the stuff that comes in to N.Y. from Mexico aint got shit on our Kikoola from Dangala Kamwokya. So Emi's DHL or UPS....our boy Jny will surely hook u up.