Thursday, December 4, 2008


I just read a few posts from my favorite bloggers that got me thinkin about marriage again(yeah i know yawn yawn) but i just have to go there, petesmama warned 'AIDS kills dont be silly put a rubber on your willy' and Erique was goin' on about all the shit he ought to do before taking the plunge.

Monday was world AIDS day- 1st DEC is the day the world reflects on this killer virus that has threatened to obliterate entire villages, orphaned as well as killed millions of children and contiunues its wanton destruction unabated. On this dayHeads of state promise to spare no resource in eradicating the deadly virus and various stakeholder endlessly preach behavioural and attitude based approaches to combating the disease, you obviously know them by heart just like a bobi wine song that won't go away Wabula ndi Mazi mawanvu Abstain or use a condom E'Kampala wuliomu asiba kiwani know your status get tested for HIV ...........

On 1st DEC I read or did i hear it on the radio--statistics indicate that new infections are higher between married couples than unmarried.

So what does that say about trusting your partner. I guess it means that Ugandans have totally erased the word trust from their vocabulary and if u do intend to get married better take your partner for english lessons as opposed to marriage counselling. Or u might end up at Petesmamas Dad's clinic, Oh! thats right he hasn't got a cure for that Mother *.


  1. But do the stats indicate that the prevalence rates are going down?
    Because that is what would make my day. Lower positve test results.

  2. Man we just pray and hope our partners are being faithful otherwise this thing is going to wipe all our butt off.... Oh i claim secondies

  3. Be Silent, stop sowing the seeds of infidelity. I hear it begins with the little doubt like the one u manifested above.

    Trust that they are being faithful.

  4. Naturally I would have given the usual 'do not trust anyone' speech. But i won't trust you to keep your word

  5. Had it not been for the blogger's, I'd not have know this day. For it's hardly noticed out her in NY and I instead had to listen to some dude who was yapping about all the pussycats for his birthday the next day.
    Guess they use the rubber.

    lol...Be silent, just try hard not to make his eyes wander.

  6. i think married people should get tested every two

    @Erique i will take the que from here leave space for reasonable doubt...dont trust
    I thought Bobi wine said that yee maazi mawaavu..AIDS and Ebola combined...or something like that...

    By the way i gave you an award check it out...Cheri you too..

    By the way Carz...have you and the hotloaf chic got tested yet...?

  7. The problem here isn't trust, it is those stupid cross-generational sex adverts. They make the married men out to be villains pursuing virgin girls, kumbe the virgin girls are far from innocent and are busy killing off both their campus boyfriends and the unsuspecting sugar daddies. Beware the young things!

  8. me says; married or not keep rubber on willy either way. time for making babies; test, twice as required and dont keep her or him out of your sight until after the deed. then back to rubber.
    ....and then, the prevalence of new infections will begin to go down.

  9. silverbow - thats kinda exreme, but i guess if you really dont trust your spouse and have reason to doubt their faithfulness, then u only being careful...

    petesmama - i think it does have alot 2 do with trust, but also agree that those campus go getter girls are trouble! But come on, if you are married, and older, you should have the balls to say no!

    I was aware of world aids day too, but marriage wasnt what i was thinking about that day...
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    i'm your newest follower, (*grins and waves*)


  10. lol you are bakc, i have missed you hiding my bananas whenever i step into office... how are you?
    so ummm, are you rethinking this marriage thing considering the stats?