Saturday, November 29, 2008

Roll the dice!

Why do I find it hard to stray from the topic of relationships? Could be because that’s what human beings are all about. Relationships are the foundation of humanity, from the moment we exit the womb we start wailing for attention and love, we start yearning for that unbreakable mother-child bond that eventually shapes our identity hence determining our destiny.

Which quickly brings me to another interesting subject; Our destiny. What exactly is destiny? In my own understanding it’s the word that holds the secret as to whether we will be rich or poor. The one fear that lies latently beneath the surface of our pleasant or sour personalities is how our fortunes will pan out. We all dread the complex puzzle of working towards prosperity and peace of mind, at least I do, even those that were born with silver spoons up their royal a***s hate the uncertainty that comes with every sunrise.

Our fears and insecurities are reflected in the type of relationships we forge. Many believe that our friends become our friends by virtue of the fact that they share our beliefs and interests which is true but I would like to point out that we also share the same fears and insecurities and misgivings about life as our closest friends and lovers.

In class, the reason the dumb kid avoided the genius was not because they had nothing to talk about, am sure they could talk about lots of stuff like food and football and movies and music, correct me if I’m wrong but geniuses have a force arising from the cool headed and tranquil persona that comes with excess grey matter, in most cases this force repels the dumb and mediocre, they’d rather herd (thanks for the term Angela) with someone who shares their dread of test papers, u don’t need a friend who pulls out a John Grisham 2 hours to an exam in Organic chemistry.

I am no expert in love and judging from the way am rambling certainly no expert in psychology as well, so I will speak for myself and myself only.

In the event that I need to marry, u know settle down, make a home and all that crap, I speak this way because marriage calls for a little bit of financial muscle of which I am still in the gym mugging to attain...........where was I Ah! Yes when push comes to shove and I can’t avoid my mothers scathing remarks any longer I most certainly will not go looking for a girl with a BMW and a six bed roomed house.

That said, my fears are more related to how much a kilo of sugar costs as opposed to the price of diesel which is her primary concern and should I even be bold enough to step up to her and ask her for a date I am sure I might succeed given my wit and charm (not exaggerating here) and I might even be able to foot the bill for dinner at Nawab but with every passing day I will be dreading the moment the words “Insufficient Balance” scream back at me from the ATM screen.

Since I am not the kind who dreams of a Kinigeria story - rich girl falls for broke ass nigger and more importantly not the kind who prefers to wear the skirts in the marriage – I will be on the look out for that cute secretary from Sadolin who usually boards taxis from Hotloaf.

Which reminds me, time to grab a bite, Lucy escort me to Hotloaf.


  1. Dude, first of all, you need to stop eating things at Hot Loathe! After 5 years of sampling their toxicity, I'd strongly advise you to go the other direction and grab a sandwich at Shopwrong. It costs the same and you are assured it is fresh.

    Secondly, I like your take on relationships. I am dying to see which specimen you will end up having a relationship with.

  2. Crimson, Am also looking for that girl. I've given up on hopes of getting a rich one where I wont have to worry about the balance on my card.

    marriage?? That's another story. I so dread that word

  3. you know what, i was thinking the canteen where you can spend a kikumi on me too.for pushing you! :)

    love... man, hard paper, i am not even tasting the waters, i quit at 25 when i wasnt married!

  4. Yu also eat at Hotloaf????????????
    Is it about the nice slender very polite ka-gal
    in the counter or the food that takes yu there?

    I like their beef pizza and the lady as well..hahahaha

    Otherwise its always a pleasure reading yo posts.

  5. Emi, dreading marriage is just an excuse for not finding a chic for yourself. Sux, huh?

    Cars, at least we agree on that ki-nigeria thing. no woman will like u if u r broke [i hear them muttering "yiiiiiiii Erique, for us we're not like thati"

  6. could marry me you know..despite my will still wear the trousers in the house ..I promise...I am high maintance but i can can ask my friends..

    @Emi i can also be your girlfriend if you dont mind sharing.

    @Erique..there more important things in life...we can always share my BMW...what do you say...?

  7. Hey Caz, how far with the hot loaf chic?