Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Do you have her in red with long hair and round eyes...and Oh! yes the manual please.

Getting into a relationship could be likened to finalizing a purchase at the mall. Some times you get stuck with what u obviously don’t need and sometimes u get a brilliant bargain.

The overzealous sales attendant may badger you into buying something at a price you obviously deem to be over the top, but there u are in an upscale establishment with all these classy people checking out at the counter and rather than risk looking like a pauper u give in to a sales pitch and pull out your wallet.

All love relationships have the person that really need the coupling to work and the other party who couldn’t care less if it failed. All relationships have the giver and the taker. The taker is clearly in the relationship for all the wrong reasons and doesn’t really have any emotions vested in it. They don’t care about their partners feelings and make a pretence at being concerned and loving in much the same way you look at the sandwich maker with a seemingly interested expression as the sales attendant points out its finer points, all this time all u are thinking “if u only knew u …” and then u throw another glance towards the out of your league Sony home theatre DVD system read ‘the girl/guy u cant get’

The giver is all too eager to please they can’t believe they have found love at last and would do any thing to hold onto the dream; (including giving u a free egg beater with the sandwich maker in addition to a 5% discount. ) They pinch themselves everyday hoping they don’t wake up. They call all the time, buy expensive gifts and use words like baby and sweetheart like they are going out of fashion. In return they get cancelled appointments, cheap gifts and unreturned calls.

To borrow a phrase " if the preferable isn't available the available becomes preferable" the takers rationalize this decision with arguments like ‘bambi he’s a good man’ or ‘she takes good care of me’ and other phrases that really mean ‘I’d rather be with someone else’

GIVER? TAKER? Which one are you?


  1. Socks!!!

    I hope this comment shows otherwise, I'm filing for divorce.

  2. I take givers!! How'zat?

    But damn...gwe, how do u know all this? This is scary. This is not good. And I'm speaking from EXPERIENCE.

    Buttercookie=Miss Cheri (Long story)

  3. You Cheri 3 comment??? Just passing here

  4. well if you put it like that....
    i'd def b a taker: the kind whose statements always start with
    "I Want..."

  5. Well, sometimes I'm a taker. Other times I'm a giver.

  6. Eh Cheri!! 3 in a row...

    Me Am both but more on the giving side. Now ladies, please do not take advantage of me

  7. Mon Cheri! guess i know coz am tired of giving and other times wracked by guilt for taking. both camps are unbearable and sometimes i just wish i would die especially when i have to return the sandwich maker after 1 week.

    And Buttercookie are u as addictive as your moniker?

  8. ha emi's we be two peas in a pod on this... i am succccch a giver... but am taking the high road soon... at crossroads tryna decide whether i should become a getter or just plain back out of these relationship things!

  9. risingpage: thanx for the honesty

    Mudamuli: I'll go with the first

    Emi's: you are so done for the barracuda above are having u for breakfast.

  10. Oh, u aint addicted yet? Then I'm not doing my work here to the best of my ability.
    Lemme engage a stronger gear.

    Addicted yet? No. Damn, u're hard work.

  11. at the begining of a relationshp perhaps, one is selfish, a taker...then when you really get into the person you become almost obsesed with them and become a giver, then if your relationship holds through, it becomes more about "Us" not about 'you' or 'me'...thats when you truely become a couple.
    what do you call that stage??