Monday, November 24, 2008

We are experiencing technical diffi.....<*"? any inconvinien.....are.....

When the radio went silent last week for three days it was a welcome break from the daily tasks that accompany broadcasting. The techies said they were shifting the transmitter from Nsambya to some other place with a higher altitude called Bandwe.

We all expected the signal to die on Tuesday 18th at around lunchtime so everyone came in to work knowing they would make a pretence of going through their daily routine while keeping an ear out for constant static that would signify "radio off upgrade in progress"

It was a few minutes to 1:00pm and still the signal was loud and clear, so i lethargically gathered what little news i had (little because none of the reporters had not bothered to file any stories coz well u know the radio was about to die and ressurect on the third day) and headed to the studio when the static came.

It's off! is it, Is it off? someone asked while making an attempt to douse his voice with some concern and disappointment at the break in transmission.

You would be amazed at the rate with which the office emptied, youd think we were having a fire alarm drill. Looks like people had made plans, i mean who wouldn't jump at the opportunity.

I spent those three days bored out of my skin coz unlike most fellas i hadn't made any plans, i assumed.. well i would do what i normally do on weekends. What i forgot is that i usually have only Sundays to myself since i work Saturdays as well, so after watching Max Payne and Quantum of solace(didn't finish Quantum) which were both total disappointments i slept through the first day(hoping I'd wake up with Daniel Craig dead and a new bond in his place, the bugger sucks)

On day 2 i headed to the city for lunch, my place is in Kyengera and apart from fries i have never enjoyed a meal at any of the restaurants there. and since i have come to love the food in our cafeteria at work does it come as any surprise that i joined the newspaper guys for lunch?
After which i headed to the empty radio office and ended up staying for the better part of the day playing Scrabble on my computer.

Aside from the Shanita debacle i dont remember what happened on day 3.

My annual leave comes in a weeks time so if this is how i will spend 2 weeks of no work, May the good lord have mercy.


  1. Daniel Craig? Can u believe BBC hoorayed his performance. i wanted to burn their k'la offices (seriously) but couldnt fetch enough fuel coz of the stupid time

  2. When V.V went off air for 3 days at first I thought the problem was with my radio until I called a friend who explained to me.

    So you are V.K...hmmm! Nice voice.

  3. Mudamuli:Thanks for the compliment.

  4. I love v.v.

    Thought I was the only one who found myself in office even when I should be on leave.

  5. lol..workaholics.

    I liked Quantum and Max Payne, it's sad the movie had to end coz I was still enjoying.

    I just don't like the way Craig looks but he sure did pull pull a good performance