Monday, November 10, 2008


................ I continued to roll over in bed well knowing no one would hear my incessant pleas for mercy that were quietly playing over and over again in my head.

As i lay there curled up in the fetal position i could hear my tormentor circling, the sound of his footsteps sending a sharp stinging pain through my guts as any moment now he would punish me again with one cruel lash of his whip.

I needed desperately to look at this devil who unleashed such grief and misery but every time i peered through my sweat blurred vision he would slither away and disappear as if evaporated.

At least he had left me one mercy -- water! I reached out my hand to where i knew the glass of water would be- on the table next to the bedside lamp. as my fingers coiled around the cold glass i liked my lips in anticipation of the cool welcome drops that would soon wet my parched throat albeit temporarily.

Even as i lifted the glass towards my lips i sensed something amiss the odorless life saving liquid had turned into a stale foul smelling broth--- in horror i realised that i had mistakenly picked up a beer bottle-- a bottle that contained the remains of the deadly brew that had led to my current state of helplessness, the satanic liquor that had left me indisposed and immobile was all i could smell as I shrank away in disgust. --this ungodly drink was the reason i was being punished-- i was finally paying my dues for yesternights transgressions, all the partying and dancing had come with a price.

With my head throbbing and my pulse racing i frantically reached for the water half expecting my tormentor to smash it from my grasp.----- i was certain he was real, lying there in the dark corners of my bedroom, lurking in the shadows as he waited for the opportune moment to send another jolt of pain through my bowels.-- i was certain he was real and not just an alcohol induced hallucination.

As i lay there writhing in agony i made a promise to myself, the same promise i had made countless times before- that i would never touch another bottle of beer as long as i breathed.

Tormentor: yaw right!

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  1. bambi, i always tell you to stop drinking but...