Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Ever since i could tie my own shoe laces and button up my own shirt, i have not heard one good thing said about Mondays-- that first day of the week or is it the second, where nothing seems to go your way and you just cant seem to shake of the grogginess from a long weekend of fun and frolic.

In school mondays were as dreaded as an unexpected dormitory inspection, or maybe a surprise inspection was more welcome compared to a monday morning mathematics triple lesson of trig, matrices or logarithims --to draw a parallel Mondays come with all the things we loathe like unironed clothes, empty wallets and staff meetings.

So my understanding is our apathy towards this particular day of the week stems not from the fact that we cant get things to work out but instead we just hate having to try.

If we hate monday's then we hate our jobs, if we hate mondays then we despise having to go through the mundane monotonous tasks all over again.

Ronnie who works for a radio station just cant stand the M word, he'd rather recite 6000 hail marys (no offence Catholic folks besides am one too) than come to work on M****y to yup the same ol' "welcome to drivetime my name is................." and play the same old songs punctuated by the same old jingles. You see the reason he loses his show prep on M****ys has nothing to do with a weekend hangover, it has everything to do with an overwhelming reluctance to leave home for yet another week of a boring undertaking.

This also expalains why Lucy had to lose her contacts just before the M****y news bulletin on the big network.

As kids school was more attractive on M****ys only after exams or if the school auditorium was opening for the school play.

So please lets stop Bitchin' about M****y.

Moral: Love your boss's Job


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  2. i just wish that day could be called something else. Monday simply means terror and alot of work to most of us.
    However, thanx for the tips to beating the monday blues. I'll surelly try them

    Oh, i also gat the "SITOKISI"

  3. I agree with Jny, Am yet to find that love for Mondays. somehow everything goes wrong on that day.

    And i remember being forced to recite the rosery back those days...I could sue now, There is freedom of worship -Right?

  4. lol....oh my ...what of the dude called Monday.....bow i really feel sorry for him...
    Hey carszoy which school did you go too....was it that bad...?

  5. My dia Uggirl the school is called Namilyango and i can still vividly recall the smell of Bat poop while i hid in the dormitory ceiling just to dodge chapel on sunday.

  6. but you, i even got here last yet i should be getting all the socks and ties and etc's... my contacts... are sooooo ever in place, dont make me unleash things about you on blogger...but i liked! eh my monday was how!:)

  7. I will never love Monday. Let alone my boss' job.