Friday, November 7, 2008

We all knew Barack would make it, well at least i knew he would, the signs were all there-what with crashing markets, a disastrous mis-managed war on terror and not to mention the most unpopular sitting head of state since Joseph and Mary sped off with baby Jesus in the general direction of Africa.

I was one of the cynics who never even believed he would make it past the primaries (was rootin' fer the chick Clinton, ya dig) but all prior lack of confidence and belief in a 'Kenyan' to rule the worlds' largest democracy dissipated the moment i closely compared him to his presumed opponent- the aging war veteran was never going to close the gap in the poll ratings-- compared to the Mac our inept, inexperienced Kenyan was as cool as a cucumber, he was the very definition of statesmanship.

I- used to my cynicsm convinced myself that the only reason i admired him was because he was a democrat and that what choice did i have but to tow the party line, even Clinton had swallowed humble pie u see. but deep down i knew that i admired the resonance of his baritone as he gave speech after winning performance speech, i knew that i admired his unrattled demeanor debate after debate and that his choice of rhetoric left me agape.

I was now a fervent convert who hung onto his every word- okay what i am trying to say is that I like the fella too but that not withstanding i would like someone to explain the excessive, over the top, going out of our way, insane, wild and goobleygook jubilation and excitement that met his landslide win.

People breaking down and all just because a black has made it to the highest office in the universe is simply a showy parade of black power and pride, hope u listening jesse and yes you too you overly paid self assured talkshow hostess.

The blacks have come a long way since the civil rights skirmishes of the 60s but surely Obama's win comes as no surprise- who is there to say that minority races haven't been given the freedom to rise and excel and serve in the same capacity as their white peers- despite far right extremist attempts to quell black progress they have shown the ability and skill to conquer insurmountable odds.

So please enough with the hulabaloo already! Get back to work.

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